Anju, Senior Manager

Masters and diplomas grand ecole in Management

"Passion for results, that's what motivates me."

What was your path to becoming a permanent member of Bain?

During my bachelor's degree at WHU, I attended company presentations and workshops from various companies. I really liked Bain right from the start, so I applied for an internship. After my internship I was accepted into the Springboard program. My time here encouraged me once again to accept the offer for a permanent position. 

What was your biggest success at Bain?

In one of my first projects, I had the chance to lead a small customer team within a project phase. Over lunch, I struck up a conversation with one of the senior members of the customer team about project work. I was very pleased at the high level of esteem in which my advice was shown here. We are still in contact to this day.

What do you recommend in particular for applicants who are interested in joining Bain?

From my point of view, exclusive female events are a great opportunity not only to further your professional training, but also to talk to consultants at different levels about their everyday work and individual coaching or training. In the interview itself, women in particular are about appearing authentic and self-confident and becoming aware of their personal strengths.