To outstanding university students, PhD or MBA students of all fields, our internship program offers an opportunity to get to know Bain & Company and gain some project experience.

The following options are available:

  • Internship as an Associate Consultant Intern: As a bachelor student (from the 4th semester onwards) or master student, you can spend 10 to 12 weeks as an Associate Consultant Intern. Internships for PhD students last 12 weeks. Applications are possible throughout the year.
  • Internship as a Summer Associate: Our Summer Associate Program, which comprises 10 to 12 weeks, is aimed at MBA students from renowned business schools. Please check with your university about specific application periods.
  • Gap Year Program: Students completing their bachelor's degree can apply for our Gap Year Program with Bain, FC Bayern, P&G and Deutsche Telekom. The next round of applications for the gap year will start in autumn 2023.
  • Internship related to private equity: Students interested in private equity can state this as a preference in their cover letter.

During your internship, you’ll be a full-blown member of a project team from day one, independently working on a sub-project. Not only will you gain initial insights into the exciting world of strategy consulting – working alongside colleagues and clients, you’ll also benefit from a lively exchange across academic disciplines.

Many secure a permanent position at Bain with an internship. We welcome outstanding interns into our "Springboard" support program.

Half-way through your internship and towards the end, we‘ll give you detailed and constructive feedback on your performance. Outstanding interns will be accepted into our development program "Springboard".

If the Bain experience whets your appetite for helping companies sustainably increase their value, a consultant career with excellent development prospects awaits you.

Having shown outstanding performance as an Associate Consultant Intern, you’ll be accepted into our intern development program “Springboard.” You’ll remain a program member until you’ve completed your degree.

One of the program’s key benefits is that the application process for a permanent consulting position will be considerably shorter. In addition, exclusive offerings enable program members to expand their network and expedite their professional and personal development.

During your Springboard time, for example, you will have a personal mentor at your side. Among other things, they will support you in preparing for your career start and will be available to answer any questions you may have about the life of a consultant. We also invite you to various internal events as well as exclusive springboard events and training sessions. This and other program content keeps our Springboard members in close contact with Bain and updated on updates.

During your internship, we support your development with an individual training program. An introductory training will first prepare you for your working days as a consultant; then you’ll be able to choose from a variety of local trainings on specific topics. You’ll also have access to our global intranet, which, among other things, offers extensive training, knowledge transfer and management platforms such as the Bain Virtual University and our Global Experience Center.

In addition to intensive coaching and support from your team in everyday project work, you’ll regularly receive constructive formal feedback to optimally support your development.

Formal and informal feedback and coaching
Along with intensive coaching and support from your team in everyday project work, you’ll regularly receive constructive formal feedback to optimally support your development.

From the outset, a personal buddy-system, in which a so-called “colleague” – a consultant with one to three years’ experience – will be assigned to you. Your colleague will help you “grow into” our ways and our organization, serve as a sparring partner for personal and professional issues, and assist you in building your own personal network at Bain.

We are a global firm operating fluidly across borders. With our offices in more than 50 cities and clients all around the globe, you have unlimited possibilities to gain international experience. More than 50% of our consultants are currently on international assignments.

International clients and projects
As an intern, you’ll experience first-hand what global thinking and action mean at Bain: A large part of our projects involve spending time abroad or working on international teams.

We are 1,200 Bainies in the DACH-area with 1,200 different personalities. Whatever makes you tick – at Bain we value you and your individual perspective on things. We know that good ideas thrive on diversity, and that cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, perspectives and orientations only matter in one way: by making each of us unique. We live an inclusive corporate culture and we actively fight any form of discrimination – be it in the application process or our day-to-day interactions. Find out more about our inclusiveness and diversity initiatives here.  

Application process

You can apply for a job at Bain & Company at any time. Please use our Online tool and make sure to complete your application about three months before your preferred entry date. Along with your cover letter and résumé, you can upload all certificates for your studies, internships and prior positions. Receipt of your application will be confirmed immediately and you will usually receive our response within two weeks.

If you apply for our Zurich office, you will receive an invitation to participate in the Bain Online Assessment Sova assessment upon receipt of your application. It provides objective information on applicants’ cognitive abilities and behavioral preferences. Results will be considered as a complement to documents you have submitted, allowing us to make a data-based decision. Your application can only be processed once the online assessment has been completed. We will usually reply within two weeks after completion of the online assessment.

Should you also have selected offices in other countries as your preference, your application will be forwarded to those offices. In that case, you’ll receive feedback from the office indicated most recently, so the response may be delayed somewhat. Please note that the selection criteria and cycles may differ in other countries. Should you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact the respective Bain office.

The recruiting day provides an opportunity to get to know each other and determine whether we’re a good fit, both professionally and personally. To learn more about you as a person and how you deal with different situations, we may ask you about specific points in your resume, or how you would handle certain work-related scenarios.

There’ll also be so-called case interviews, in which we discuss with you one or several cases from our project work: They help us get a feel for your creative, structuring, and problem-solving skills. Under interview preparation to find helpful tips and case examples. Another valuable source is our case interview community PrepLoungewhere you can solve case studies in an interactive process.

If the Bain interviewers find you convincing, you’ll receive a job offer from us on the same day.

More questions? 

Recruiting contact

Anna Grün, Helen Holland, Angelina Schwaier

Katharina Meier