Sharpening the view for personal goals together, recognizing individual strengths and positioning oneself authentically. This is the content that we would have loved to have worked out with you at KOMPASS in Paris.

At Bain, the guiding principle "True North" accompanies us in every situation. This means that we communicate openly and directly at all times and call things by their proper name - also when communicating with you.

Due to COVID-19, we have to cancel our KOMPASS 2020 event in the previously planned form with a heavy heart. If you are interested in current developments and a new date, please contact us mailing list a. 

We were really looking forward to getting to know you, so we are still looking forward to your profile and look forward to receiving your application for an internship or permanent entry via our online application tool.

But: Postponed is not cancelled!

Set Your Course with Bain

To find your way you need to know where you’re heading. So, get on board for a special journey: Let us show you how to let your inner compass guide you to your personal True North.

Spend two eventful days in Berlin with us. Find out how to recognize and leverage your strengths and continue your personal development. You’ll be in great company, too: Our Bainies will share with you how they experienced their paths to a leading international management consultancy, and tell you about the different entry and development opportunities awaiting you at Bain.

Date & Place

May 19–20, 2022, Berlin

Target group

This event is for outstanding female university students from the 4th semester (Bachelor level) onwards as well as for PhD students from all disciplines.

For non-native speakers of German: The event will be in German, but we’ll be able to offer individual sessions in English. You’re welcome to send all your documents and correspondence in English (or German).

How to apply

The application period for Compass has already expired. You will receive feedback on your application in mid-April.

If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them personally.

Nadine Gardisch, Recruiting Coordinator
Phone: +49 89 5123 1404

event highlights

Thursday, May 19, 2022

noon to approx. 11:00 PM

Welcome • Company Presentation & Career Paths at Bain • Soft Skills Training • Networking Dinner

Friday, May 20, 2022

9:30 AM to approx. 5:00 PM

Team activity • Lunch • Case cracking workshop


Our first day together starts with a company presentation. But worry not – it’s not going to be all chalk and talk, and definitely not a dry affair. You’ll discuss with Bainies about their consulting workday and career perspectives, our project work, and our firm’s social commitment. We’ll also tell you about our network Women@Bain, which specifically supports female Bainies in their professional development.

The intro will be followed by soft-skills training. You’ll be able to collect valuable advice on how to position yourself as a career starter, build and demonstrate confidence, and recognize and leverage your own potential. Our trainer will also tell you a few things about effective networking – a lesson you can put into practice on the very same evening, at our networking dinner: Listen to our female Bainies tell you about their different career paths and success stories, seize the opportunity to ask your questions, and expand your personal and professional network.

The morning of the second day will be dedicated to a fun team activity right in the heart of the capital, allowing the whole group – accompanied by a few Bainies – to socialize in an informal setting. (Let us surprise you … :)) After lunch we’ll dive into the consultant world and do some case-cracking. Putting yourself in a Bainie’s shoes, you’ll help the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR develop their global funding strategy until 2025.

At the end of the second day, we’ll jointly revisit our time together and answer any remaining questions from attendants.

event team

Mareike Steingroever

My name is Mareike and I joined Bain as an Associate Consultant 19 years ago. I am now a partner and mainly advise clients in the financial services sector with a focus on strategic realignment. I've been working part-time for 8 years, which gives me the opportunity to balance my career with family life - this is what makes Bain unique to me. Working for us is clearly characterized by two things. Great colleagues who always challenge you, with whom you can laugh and achieve results in the shortest possible time. And the cooperation with our customers, with whom we change things together. 

Anju Yu

I'm Anju and I've been with Bain for over 4 years. Since I started as an Associate Consultant, I have had the opportunity to get to know a wide variety of industries (from ice cream to life insurance) and to support clients with projects in the field of digital and brand strategy, among other things. As part of my 2-year educational leave, I wrote my dissertation at the University of Regensburg. Why did I come to Bain? I met Bain during my studies at a lecture at the university and immediately liked the Bainies. This impression was confirmed during the internship, so I decided to join Bain on a permanent basis and have not regretted this step to this day.

Jasmine Seitz

I am Jasmin and joined Bain as an Associate Consultant at the end of 2016. I mainly support customers on digital topics - I have already worked in the areas of financial services, consumer goods and telecommunications and accompanied many digital transformations. I am currently on my PhD leave and doing my doctorate on digital innovations at the University of Regensburg. What makes working at Bain special for me? The atmosphere in the office and the spirit of the Bainies. I especially like coming to our office on Fridays to exchange ideas with colleagues and to go to Bain Happy Hour together after work. In my free time I like to travel - preferably in Vietnam and Australia.

Lilli Probst

I'm Lilli and I joined Bain as a consultant over 4 years ago. I support clients in the healthcare and health insurance sector. After the birth of my daughter, I am currently on parental leave, but I use the opportunity to flexibly support recruiting 1-2 days a month. Before joining Bain, I studied medicine and economics and received my doctorate in medicine. Back then, I decided to go into consulting because I wanted to have a comprehensive perspective on all players in the healthcare sector. What makes Bain unique to me? The opportunity to be close to the latest trends and to be able to accompany companies in major transformations. Together with fascinating people on both the Bain and customer side.

Bettina Fussbroich

I'm Bettina and I've been with Bain for over 7 years. After studying biology at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich and completing my doctorate at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, I started as a consultant. I mainly supported customers in the areas of consumer goods and financial services - primarily in organizational and IT projects. I am currently a team leader in recruiting with a focus on experienced hiring. What makes working at Bain special for me? The opportunity to work with exciting people every day and to learn from each other. I also appreciate the unique flexibility of project work and the exciting variety of topics at Bain.

Nadine Garisch

My name is Nadine and I joined Bain in recruiting in autumn 2018 after my internship. Within recruiting, I oversee the selection process for young professionals - be it directly after university, a doctorate or after initial professional experience. In addition, I accompany our numerous recruiting activities throughout Germany and Europe. What makes working at Bain special for me? The diverse tasks and a great team spirit, which can be felt every day at all levels. In my free time, I like to go on culinary tours of Munich with friends and am always on the lookout for good tapas bars, as Madrid has become my second hometown.


This event is for outstanding female university students (from the 4th bachelor's semester onward) as well as PhD students of all disciplines, who are interested in strengthening their profile with our assistance and in learning about entry-level and career opportunities at Bain’s locations in the DACH region.

Please apply by April 10, using our online application tool .

Please upload your resume, including information on your final grades (high school and university). There is no need to add a cover letter or letter of motivation. Please understand that we can only consider applications that are complete as described.

You can submit your documents in English or German.

You can expect to be notified on or after April 22, 2022.

Most of the event will be held in German.


For non-native speakers of German, we’ll be able to offer individual sessions in English. Of course you can send us your documents and correspondence in English.

The safety of participants and employees is a top priority for us. From our current perspective, we expect the event to follow 2G+ rules; however, we continuously monitor the Covid situation and will publicize possible changes.

COMPASS will be an on-site event at our Berlin office. That said, we reserve the right to make adjustments, subject to the hygiene measures applicable at the date of the event.

Bain will cover participants’ travel costs within Germany or from other European countries. Needless to say, accommodation and the food/drinks served at the events will be free.
No, an invitation to an event does not automatically qualify you for a permanent or intern position. What it does mean is that we consider you a potentially attractive candidate.

Absolutely. We look forward to receiving your application anytime!